Can we stop bashing the media?

Right. I am annoyed. I am well annoyed. I have been annoyed for a while now.

Being a graduate in Journalism, I learned integrity from honest successful and recognised journalists. I learned all about how a news story is made through facts and two different sources that talked to me directly. I learned how to stay true to the truth.

Yes, it is a world filled with cynicism where sex and death sell, but to be fair, it’s the same everywhere. Just look at the ads – “don’t get me started on the ads!” I hear you say – and how companies try and make you buy their products. It’s all about getting laid. So yes, the editors of all newspapers like a bit of drama and they want to make their readers cry. It’s a win-win situation really. The readers like to be moved by somebody else’s drama so they won’t have to focus on their own personal shipwreck.

But it is also a world where being fair can be extremely difficult, whereas big companies give you stuff or invite you to parties so you’ll talk about them or influential people threaten you to stop telling their embarrassing stories. I’m not gonna lie, it can be hard to differentiate sponsoring and news nowadays.

But when I hear in the news people who would rather trust their candidate, rather than the facts laid out by the people who have done objective research? FUCK. THAT.

Misters and Misses Politicians (I am looking at you, Marine!) whenever you fuck up badly, stop bashing the media. Own up to your actions and stop being the journalists’ victim over and over and over again. When you talk about harassment, guess fucking what? As a public persona, you actually fucking chose to be in the spotlight so stop whining when journalists ask the questions you don’t want to be asked. You can’t have the cake and eat it as well. Especially when you do illegal things.

Now, I know some news agencies are biased and a bit too much on the right or a bit too much on the left of the political spectrum. It’s always been like this. But guess what? It’s also human and it shows the beauty of the freedom of speech. We are not robots after all.

For real though, undermining the legitimacy of the media is a dangerous business.¬†And it makes me furious and sad that it’s becoming a global trend that’s getting stronger every day.

But the worst part of it all is that, all the negative messages from politicians towards the press are only used as an excuse to cover up their mess. I’m pretty sure it’s not their belief, but they see how efficient it is so they keep doing it. They incite the people to hate the media, so that whatever facts they find will be false or seen as a personal attack.

After all, what’s better for a politician than to have crowds of sheep who only trust your word above the rest?